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Hello every body !!!

I will try to make you an article on a manner of inserer a bottom
derriere a photograph. For that one needs biensur a software of photo final improvement :

                                                                                        - photoshop for Windows
                                                                                        - Gimp for linux

Then the subject should be chosen.

For this example I chose my destroyed T34/76.

Here the photograph for the bottom

For more facility, it is préferable to choose a photograph of equivalent
 size differently bus the adjustment will be at least "galère".

And to still better take a photograph with an equivalent number of pixels.
Returned N will be that better.

Then it is necessary to remove the bottom of color (there it was white)

It is necessary to use the magic wand which is in all the good prog of final improvement photographs.

Now it is necessary to carry out a reversed selection and to stick
 it on the basic photograph selected.
I also began the final improvement to make the way there.


Maintaining the photograph finalized. For this article I shortened
 certain stage in order to be able the poster this week end.  
I exploit the luminosity and the contrast of such or such part.
The ground will be returned a little better.

Here, I hope that you will have liked this small demonstration.

I spent approximately 40 minutes to carry out this assembly.
In normal time I will more or less put 4 to 5 hours
 in order to perfect all the joints and connection of image.

I remain at your disposal for further information.

Bruno The Globetrotter

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My Articles Brachiosaurus incrustation photo Mission to

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